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HOV Clearinghouse and Facility Inventory
The HOV Clearinghouse Website is currently under construction. The HOV Clearinghouse will facilitate the sharing of information among practitioners and the dissemination of innovative tools, processes, problem solving efforts and capacity building efforts to assist practitioners in performing their duties and achieving the goals and objectives of their respective HOV Systems. This clearinghouse will allow practitioners to share, exchange, and easily access a wide array of HOV related resources at a central location. It will also provides a collection of the problems faced, experience, and lessons learned by existing projects and systems to assist practitioners in resolving similar issues.

The HOV Clearinghouse will also house a comprehensive and interactive database of existing and planned HOV facilities in North America and American territories, broken out by “Highway” and “Arterial” classifications. HOV Lanes have been in existence for over 30 years. Currently, there are over 130 HOV facilities in operation on freeways within 27 metropolitan areas in the U.S. These HOV facilities include over 1,000 route miles. There are HOV lanes on arterials as well, especially those related to bus-only applications. There are also additional facilities in operation on freeways and arterials in Canada.

Last modified on: 3/2/2012